We can beat the sun as long as we keep moving

Cape-Pimkie ‚ Necklace-H&M ‚ Shirt-H&M ‚ Skinny Jeans-Only ‚ Wedges-H&M ‚ Bracelets-Fossil, H&M ‚ Watch-Breitling ‚ Bag-borrowed from my Mum

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  1. 16/09/2012 / 4:33 PM

    You are so adorable. Cute outfit, especially the cape.


  2. 16/09/2012 / 5:21 AM

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  3. 14/09/2012 / 1:49 PM

    Great post!

    3 words LOVE YOUR STYLE :)

    I'm an instant follower of you now :)

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time

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