Since my first fashion week I wanted to see DIMITRI’s fashion at the catwalk and that’s why I was very happy as I get the invitation for his show at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I love the different colors which are range from the classic black and white to flashy red and yellow. DIMITRI has hit exactly my taste and I’m just in love with his fashion.

Check out his collection!


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  1. 15/07/2012 / 11:03 PM

    Beautiful photos!! thank you so much for your comment!
    Maybe we can follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  2. 15/07/2012 / 10:14 AM

    i love all the red sets :)

  3. 14/07/2012 / 8:52 PM

    First of all, great blog!

    Love this post! The dresses are amazing!
    I'd realy love to walk down the catwalk in
    one of these but unfortunate we can't haha!

    We started following you! It would be great
    if you'd take some time to check out our
    blog too and maybe follow back?

    xxxx Laura & Romy!

  4. 13/07/2012 / 6:36 PM

    I really like your blog dear!
    Keep posting, you do it great :)

  5. 12/07/2012 / 6:23 AM

    Awesome post, this is my first time on your blog and I love it.. can we follow each other?

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