We were magical

Wearing: Hat-H&M; Sunglasses-RayBan; Biker Jacket-Reject; Pants-H&M; Heels-H&M; Jewellery-Primark, H&M; 

Today my Follower-List received the 200 – Thanks so much for all your lovely support!


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  1. 17/04/2012 / 7:05 PM

    so so so so cool, love the color of that pants!
    thanks for the comment ;) i've followed you ;)

  2. 16/04/2012 / 3:19 PM

    The shape of those heels is fantastic…I love the black and coral, so striking!

    <3 Cambria

    Enter my Shabby Apple GIVEAWAY!!!

  3. 16/04/2012 / 3:34 AM

    Lovely outfit! love the look with the hat. so chic!
    thanks for stopping by my blog ;) I love yours, so many inspirational outfits. I´m following now!

  4. 16/04/2012 / 2:42 AM

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